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Thread: Reimbursement of medical expenses

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    Default Reimbursement of medical expenses

    Dear Sirs,
    This question might have been answered long back and as I am a new member, I could not trace out the clarification of doubt. Hence please do not brush it aside.

    Ours is a Central Govt. autonomous body with HO at Bangalore. Recently all officers have been delegated with the powers of sanctioning certain amount towards the reimbursement of medical expenses. The district where I am working is hilly area and is considered as tribal belt. AS we do not have CGHS facility and recognized hospitals, there is ambiguity among officers in sanctioning this facility.

    I expect guidance for members of this forum as to how the reimbursement of medical facilities under this circumstances can be worked out based on CGHS/CGMA rules

    Prasanna Kumar
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    Default Reimbursement of medical expenses

    One of my colleague had been advised by the cghs doctor to undergo some medical tests from cghs approved diagnostics centre(.) our ofice has witheled his claim on the plea that before undergoing for medical tests from priivate diagnostic centre approved under cghs he has not taken the permission from the office therefore his claim is not admissible(.) can any one throw light whether sapproval of office is necessary if he has been asked by cghs doctor to take udnergo medical tests from cghs approved centres

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