My case seems to be different.I was working in the scale of 5500 and in 1995 I was put in the scale of 6500-12000 after IACP.My basic pay on 1.1.06 was 9300.
I was given functional promotion without any upgradation of scale on 27.4.06
and I was fixed at 9700 in oct 06(my increment month)
in oct 2007 I was given IIACP and fixed at 10000 in the scale of 7500-12000.
Now scales are amalgamated and upgraded.5500 and 6500 has become 7450 and 7500 respectively.
How my pay will be fixed?
Which date is beneficail for fixation 1.1.06 or 27.04.06(date of functional promotion without upgradation of scale) or 1.10.06 (date of normal increment)or 1.10.2007(date of II ACP).