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Thread: Does FR-22 Hold good ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by svsankar View Post
    Dear Sirs,
    and the pay so arrived shall be rounded of to the next multiple of ten and the result added to the existing pay and the grade pay of higher post granted"
    Dear Mr. Shankar,

    Thank you for the illustration.

    Only a small correction (very insignificant) in your statement is -

    you have stated " and the PAY so arrived shall be rounded off" whereas the same should be " and the AMOUNT so arrived shall be rounded off" ( I think).

    Thanks again.


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    I have read all the queries and explanations given by gconnect members.

    I have slight different kind of query, which also pertains to applicability of FR22 in case of appointments. FR22 I a(i) explains fixation of pay on promotion/appointment. (I have started new thread as well:

    Brief of my problem is as under:

    Whereas the preposistion of granting notional increment for a persons selected to higher GP (say PB-2 GP 4200) from lower posts (say PB-1 GP2800) through open selection is not explained. It was there in pre-revised scales.

    What will be pay of persons X drawing pay Rs. 9400 in PB-1 GP 2800 on his selection to PB-2 GP 4200. Will it be:
    a) Rs. 9300 plus GP 4200 (as per Section II Part -A CCS (RP) Rules
    b) Rs. 9400 plus GP 4200 (simply protection of pay. As there is not issues of equal stages)
    c) OR ONE INCREMENT of 3% (Rs. 370) on 9400+2800 will be granted to have pay fixed at 9400+370 in PB-2 plus GP 4200

    Pl. guide

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    There is confusion at present due to the fact that the whole system of pay scales and fixed increments at every level has been replaced by the new concept of pay bands and grade pays. Consequently, various provisions of FR&SR related to pay etc., have to be suitably modified to bring them in line with the new system of pay bands and grade pays. Only after the DOPT comes out with the amendments to reconcile FR&SR with CCS(RP) Rules, 2008, the confusion will go (I hope).

    In the instant case, I feel that the solution to the problem is to give one increment in the case of appointment to another post. This could be subject to the condition that the minimum is at least what is prescribed for direct recruits in Section-II of CCS(RP) Rules, 2008.


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    Although various examples are given above to demonstrate the implementation of FR22, it shows that the relevance of 'stages ' of the promotion grade does not exist. However the application of FR35 requires that a comparision to be done with the 'next higher stage' applicable to the promotion scale to arrive at a revision figure of the pay. Thus I fail to understand how FR35 can be applied under 6P rules when there is no comparision possible.
    can any one pls clarify????

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