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  1. Non litigant pre- 2006 pensioners

    I retired from pay scale of 16400-20000 in 1999. I got my pension revised and received payment of arrears from 24/9/2012 as per revised orders of 28/1/2013 on making a request to my PAO/CPAO. I am...
  2. Pre 2006 Pensioners Arrears paid as per Jan 13 order

    Yes . I got revised PPO as per Jan 13 order in the scale of 16400-20000. My arrears were also paid with September 2013 pension from 24th Sept 2012
  3. Pre 2006 pensioners as per revised order of Jan2013/ February 2013

    I retired from scale of pay S-28 of 16400 - 20000 in 1999 and now I received revised PPO fixing pension as 24295 w.e.f 24th Sept 2012 from my PAO NIC ministry of IT & Communications. Still CPAO has...
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