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    MACP for transfer to lower post

    Two railway employees transfer (own request) to lower post.(a) Join railway on 1996 as 2800 GP , Promoted on 1999 as 4200 Gp then transfer to other railway by downgrade to 2800 on 2001 , again...
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    Annual increment

    one person work 8 months at GP 4200 and transfer to a lower post(own request) at GP 2800 on March. how the annual increment will be on July considering GP 4200 , 2800 or no increment on July(less...
  3. Fixation of pay on promotion but after MACP

    A Railway employee got 2nd MACP on 2008 at GP 2800 now he is getting promotion on February 2013 at GP 4200. Now question arise (a) whether only different of GP(4200-2800) will given on February and...
  4. Dear friend Thank u for quick reply of my...

    Dear friend
    Thank u for quick reply of my query. You are correct that a person in GP Rs.4800 will get Rs.5400(PB-2) in financial up-gradation under MACP. But as per the clarification of Railway...
  5. Grant of GP undrer ACP/MACP hrere feeder post and promotional post are same.

    Railway Board clarify with the consultant of DOP&T that when an employee holding a post in the cadre where feeder post and promotional post are same Grade Pay then financial upgradation under...
  6. Minimum entry pay of promotee Sr. S.O(Rly)

    Date of promotion -24.12.2005 in the scale of Rs.6500-10500
    Pay fixed at Rs. 6500 on 24.12.2005
    on 1.1.2006 pay fixed at Rs.12090 (6500*1.86)+4800(GP)=16890
    as the pay of SR.S.O upgraded to the...
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    2nd & 3rd MACP

    Date of Joining -5.1.1985
    1st promotion-5.2.1988
    20yrs same post as on 1.9.2008
    Whether 2nd & 3rd MACP on 1.9.2008
    or 2nd MACP on 1.9.2008 & 3rd on 5.1.2015.
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