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  1. fixation

    I was having basic pay of 6700/- in pay scale 6500-200-10500 before 6th CPC. 6TH CPC gave 4200 grade pay to us. After the OM OF DOPT dated 13-11-2009 grade pay 4600 was allowed. OM OF DOPT...
  2. fixation

    thanks for reply. in some of the dept like education in UP this has been given. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHICH ARE THE DEPT IN WHICH THIS IS GIVEN AND IN WHICH NOT.
  3. fixation

    thank u for reply.actually i am working before 1.1.2006. earlier grade pay was 4200 later revised to 4600 after 13.11.2009. our dept, is giving only benefit of only 400/-. pease explain if it is ok?
  4. Is rs. 13860/- minimum basic pay for grade pay 4600/-

    I want to know is rs. 13860/- minimum basic pay for grade pay 4600/-.
    In our department this has been some departments this has been granted.
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