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  1. PAN No. of Landlord to get HRA exemption

    As per Circular No.08/2013 dated 10/10/2013 of Ministry of
    Finance annual limit of Rs.100000 is fixed to report PAN of landlord. If an employee pays
    a rent of Rs.10000 for nine months this will...
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    Change in Home Town for LTC

    My friend is working in Lucknow and declared Delhi as his home town. The address of his home at Delhi, mentioned in the service records, has been changed due to shifting of his family to other...
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    Income tax on CER

    I have taken tuition fee reimbursement for my two children from January'2009 to March'2010 i.e. Rs.30,000 in June'2010. What amount will be added to my income and what amount will be exempt from tax?...
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