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    This Historic CPC

    Our Hon. FM has announced a common multiplication factor.."common" to all, of 2.57. In the new scales, in the 1st grade it is 17990 and 18000 but in the last 5 grades, who have magnanimously...
  2. It is very quiet here. Seniors likeSundararji ...

    It is very quiet here. Seniors likeSundararji should tell us whether this issue is alive or is it closed by 7cpc? Is it still linked to 10 yr/and joining Public sector enterprises ? Either way, an...
  3. No pro-rata reduction in pension for sub-33 but more than 20 years pre-2006 p


    Why this "No" in the heading ??( No pro-rata)
  4. 20 yrs QS , Hearing on 12th March 2015

    Dear Friends,
    For a change, after spending the whole day in CAT, I am starting this mail on a positive note as we have sufficient reason to be happy.
    First of all, the Bench held a special sitting...
  5. Less than 33 yrs of QS, Pre-2006

    I have expressed my willingness to start a legal redressal Cell for Pre-2006,< 33 Yrs of QS. I have come out of DOS w.e.f 1.9.1993 in S-24 grade after a QS of 26.5 yrs( 5yrs for VRS). Pl send a...
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