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    Lower than LTC-80 fare

    Sir, How to get the certificate from Air India, that the fare i had booked is lower than LTC-80 Fare. Our DDO insist of that certificate as there may be audit objection.
  2. thank you sir

    I hope i get a favorable reply from my department

    thanks and regards

  3. Sir the rtionline site seems to be not working

    Did any body tried to file RTI online the site seems to be not working

    thanks and regards

  4. Sir, Is this guidelines valid even on 2008 ??...


    Is this guidelines valid even on 2008 ?? or is it applicable only after 2016 please clarify as the OM is dated 2016

    thanks and regards

  5. I had given representation

    I had given representation the only thing i can do is wait and watch
  6. Entitlement of old ltc block years for new recruits

    I had joined govt service in 2006. Prior to that i was working in a central autonomous body from 2002 my services were not counted as i was in CPF in the autonomous body and there was no CPF scheme...
  7. Home Town LTC after availing any where in india


    I had availed my any where in India during the block year 2010-2013. I had not awailed my home town during the period 2010-2011 and 2012-13. Our administration refused to give me sanction to...
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