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  1. Poll: SPORTS - the offcial tourism website of LD Admn gives the details

    Dear Raman Rao,
    thanks for writing. As most of the info needed is given in the SPORTS website,
    if you can come up with any specific queries it will be easy to answer.
    i repeat the SPORTS link here...
  2. anybody in social service / community development / awareness campaigns?

    hi all,
    i am taking voluntary retirement to pursue my interest in Cinema & Environment.
    starting to spread awareness through short films on Environment & Sustainable Development ....
  3. where to settle after retirement? home town or permanent residence?

    hi all,

    i am taking voluntary retirement to pursue my interests in Cinema & Environment.

    my present HQtrs is Visakhapatnam, AP. While I will be working out of Hyderabad, AP
    most of the time am...
  4. Poll: plan 2 visit LAKSHADWEEP? i had been there on LTC recently. i can guide you.

    i visited Agatti on LTC with family during May 2012.
    the trip was good and i recommend it to others also.
    for further info:
    i can be reached at:...
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