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    Children Education Allowance

    Dear Friends,
    Recently Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan(KVS) has modified its dress code for its students and applied to all classes except XII students which is not mandatory who are...
  2. Dear Pathakji, Your view point...

    Dear Pathakji,
    Your view point is most welcome.My doubt has been cleared now.Thanks.
  3. Thanks Victorji for your quick response.I had...

    Thanks Victorji for your quick response.I had the same opinion also.Thank you once more.
  4. Eligibility for air travel/journey on official Tour/Transfer within India.

    I want your kind participation on the subject,"Entitlements for air journey" of CG officials on official tour and transfer within India.My question is whether an official of Group B non-gazetted rank...
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