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    brother aneesh, nearly 320 persons,various...

    brother aneesh,
    nearly 320 persons,various posts,joined in esic k k nagar hospital, from the state government,when the hospital was taken over by the central government,as autonomous body,and there...
  2. yes.pli is very good...why? it is very less...

    yes.pli is very good...why?

    it is very less ,if you start at your younger age,safe,reliable,do not surrender, as your salary goes up get new pli, and it is a ,and only the good thing you are doing...
  3. more and victors we need

    on the way thanking your efforts and guidance we here thank u for spending your valuable time for us to solve our issues thank u sir
  4. previous service in state government is to be accounted

    your state government service has to be accounted in the new job service book

    for example , previously it was esi which was under the state

    and now it is esic which is a quasi...
  5. yes u may get some benifit of the preclousre of...

    yes u may get some benifit of the preclousre of the loan

    for that ask your admin people to calculate the balance on your account as on date and the interest

    make the payment attach the...
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    help to the tb patients and food

    In tamilnadu we have the facility to treat tb free of cost in all government hospitals dot treatment it is for the six months continuously

    and groundnut one hand full in each and every day is...
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    no guest house to u?

    respected members please clarify and guide

    at last moment of starting to a vacation tour , if u come to know that your accomadation in the tourist place previously booked has been cancelled due...
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    atleast 40 minutes walk is well appriciated and...

    atleast 40 minutes walk is well appriciated and must if u are above 40 yrs
    atleast for 3 to 4 days in a week
    for diabatic it is must and also for bp patients
    stress releaving, mood changing and...
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    rules? for transfer regarding

    one of my junior co worker is working in chennai in esic hospital she got married to a army store keeper person who works at bangalore

    now she is trying to get transfer from chennai to...
  10. thank you do you have any office order copies...

    thank you

    do you have any office order copies to do so? please kindly mention.

    she approached the concern clerk in chennai

    they have said " no" ,We can't do this u have to settle it in...
  11. 10./. of the transfer ta advance reg.,

    respected senior members

    please reply to my question immediately as soon as possible

    my wife has been transfered from chennai to mumbai and received the 90./. of the amount before leaving from...
  12. ltc to ne places clarification needed to me please help

    respected member,

    my wife is working in chennai, in customs, her home town is tiruchirapalli,

    my que: whether she is eligible to avail this ltc to NE states ?

    if i am planning to go by...
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    Pca/risk allowance

    i am a senior radiographer in esic k k nagar chennai hospital

    a long panding due of pca = patient care allowance is there

    for every 6 six months it has been extended

    kindly tell me...
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    issuing of confidantial report every year

    kindly tell me the date ? or the month of issuing of the annual confidential report on every year babu rao
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    Change of department + leave account transfer

    Yes you are eligible to AVAIL the el and the medical leave of the previous department and it is fully available to u AND PLEASE MAKE SURE ABOUT UR ML (COMUTED LEAVE) AND I AM VERY SURE ABOUT YOUR...
  16. joing time in transfer

    hi i am babu rao,
    my wife is in ccl for 90 days she is in chennai now

    and expecting a transfer order soon

    before completing the ccl and asking her to join in mumbai

    in that situation she...
  17. if u are a government servent then read this

    u get 2 da in every year and each one is a sum of rs 1000 (remember now u are without this and also managing ur needs) so whenever the da announcement is coming start to invest in a sip
  18. rose,hi,you have to mention those words which...

    rose,hi,you have to mention those words which terms u want to get clarified:read swamys book for central government servents generally 70./. information is there regarding the benefits of the leave,...
  19. sir,if the question and its motive is right then...

    sir,if the question and its motive is right then you will get an answer,if not then sorry u may get garbage papers as a result:the reply is not given in a prescribed time (30-45 days approx) u may...
  20. for gpf application any specific date?

    sir, i am in esic chennai k k nagar, if u apply your gpf application on or before 15th of the month, you may get the loan in 30th of the same month : if u are applying after 15th,then you may get it...
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