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  1. what is pensionery benfits for a person joing a PSU from central govt after 15 years

    dear senior members,

    one of my friend who was working in central goverment for over 15 years has joined a PSU under same ministry after technical resignation. i wish to know.

    1. whether he wil...
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    applicability of FR22 under FR 35

    i joined department of Telecom on June 1993 through UPSC in Group A services as Asst Divisional Engineer with pay scale of 2200-75-. on sep 1996 i was promoted to STS as per DOT order. in the DOT...
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    it is high time to look into this and try to...

    it is high time to look into this and try to modify it. if a person is on sanctioned leave whether E/L or CL or any ther leave then he should get increment from July 1.
  4. whether minutes of the meeting can considered as order

    minutes are issued after meeting. in many meeting important decisions are taken. many of these decisions may not have financial implication. in some case head of the unit or the competent authority...
  5. what is the period for income tax calculation of government servant

    generally the financial year is calculated from april to march. but somebody told me that for the calulation of income tax of government servant the period is taken from march to feb. is it true....
  6. Dear Rajanch IN my opinion yes you can. there...

    Dear Rajanch
    IN my opinion yes you can. there are three areas where one has to define the family. LTC, Pension and Medical facility. all have there own rules.the CGHS rules allows a lady central...
  7. Thread: cghs

    by kolwadkar

    dear JAGSOO9, I don't agree with tvenkatam's...

    dear JAGSOO9,
    I don't agree with tvenkatam's reply. there is no compulsion of your parents residing with you. infacts there are many supreme court judgement on the same and even CGHS doesn't insit...
  8. no it is not necessary

    as a serving central government employee you have a option of CSMA by default. in case your city is having CGHS facility you can opt for CGHS, it is not compulsary to go far CGHS.
  9. become cghs memebr before you retire as CSMA is not applicable after retirement

    dear member,

    you are aware that as a central government employee we are automatically covered by CS(MA) rules. but the problem with CS(MA) is that it automatically ceases the day CG employee...
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    every government servant when is serving is by...

    every government servant when is serving is by default covered by CS(MA) 1948 rules. CS(MA) 1948 rules ceases on the day of retirement. however every central government servant also has option to...
  11. the CGHS facility depend on things your pay...

    the CGHS facility depend on things your pay scale. while you are serving there is no confusion, you pay according to your pay scale and get the facility. however when you retire you get less...
  12. yes you should claim for the same. in emergency...

    yes you should claim for the same. in emergency you can go to pvt hospitals. there are plenty of suprement court ruling on the subject.
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    who is head of the department

    many powers are vested in the head of the department. in government setup we see depatments are divided in zones, circle district etc. like in incometax in some city the top most officer is of the...
  14. what when you are overrulling Internal financial Advisor ( IFA)

    as per the rule when ever any engineering or approving authority is overruling his internal financial advisor (IFA) then his IFA are reporting to thier next Higher IFA. i learned that if IFA are...
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