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    SC vacancy once utilised...

    During the panel year 2019, one AAO junior to other AAOs in the office but belonging to SC category was promoted to the post of Accounts Officer on 1.2.2019 carry forward vacancy of SC. As per 13...
  2. Didnt know this post had been replied to, since I...

    Didnt know this post had been replied to, since I didn't get any notifications for that matter. Thank you for your reply Sasi.
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    MACP and fixation after 7th Pay Commission

    I work in the Indian Audit & Accounts Department in the capacity of Asstt. Accounts Officer.
    I was promoted to the post of Section Officer on 12/7/1995 and then to the present post of Asstt....
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    Allowances that will increase by 25%???

    In Sikkim, Central Govt. employees get the following special allowances in addition to other allowances which is same all over India.
    1. Sikkim Compensatory Allowance
    2. Special Duty Allowance
  5. Grade pay of 6600 after 5400 to AAOs in IA&AD...

    I am an Asstt. Accounts Officer in the Office of the Sr. Dy. Accountant General(A&E), Sikkim since 1995(year of passing SOGE). I was granted 3rd MACP w.e.f 1.9.2008 and my grade pay was accordingly...
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