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  1. TA to Airport for non entitled employees on duty/training

    Please let me know the eligibility of Auto/Taxi fare from the airport to the place of reporting while on deputed on duty.
    Suppose an non entitled employee (Posted at Bangalore) is deputed on duty to...
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    Notional Increment after Senior Scale

    Dear Readers
    You may be aware of that MACP is not granted to teachers working under HRD like KVS, CTSA, NVS etc though our officers and non teaching staff are enjoying it. Teachers are still under...
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    DA on tour at old rates

    As per the 6th PC DA can be claimed at old rate if food bills not submitted. The new DA rate of increased by 25% after DA rate crossed 50% i.e. 150+37.5 = 187.5. Is the same clause is applicable to...
  4. Admisibilty of LTC by for non-entitled officers.


    Please let me know that

    (1) Whether the DOPTorder No: 31011/2/2006-Estt (A) dated 11.3.2010 regarding the journey by airfor non entitled employees restricted to train fare is still...
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