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    claim for medical reimbursement bill

    I am serving in Gujarat and wish to undergo surgery of my kid at a hospital not recognised under either CSMA or CGHS Rules. Can i get reimbursement ? If yes then what will be procedures to be...
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    habit of attending office in time is good but...

    habit of attending office in time is good but thing is this that it must not be given much importance. Early coming and late going has never been fruitful when we look upon the productivity. If...
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    home loan

    Hi friend

    New Pension Scheme doesnot offer any kind of advance/loan against salary or amount acculated with our pension account. Is it there any offer for the Central Govenment Employees coming...
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    children education assistance

    hi friends

    Is the amount paid towards conveyance included to children education assistance of max. ceiling of Rs. 12,000/-?
  5. seniority list - direct recuits Vs promotee

    I joined as an inspector(directly recruited through SSC) in the month of October 2009 in central excise on the basis of offer of appointment provided to me in the same month.

    Further DPC of some...
  6. determination of senioty list among direct recruits and promotees - reg

    Here i want to know the meaning of "rotation of vacancies" and "vacancies reserved for direct recruitment and promotion", which is well viewed from an extract taken from a website of central...
  7. bad climate allowance- for income tax purpose


    i am right now serving at Silvassa, U.T of Dadar & Nagar Haveli in the grade pay of Rs. 4600/-. and getting bad climate allowance of Rs. 240/- per month.

    i want to know that whether it is...
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    TTA on Tecnical resignation

    stating that the benifits under rule 26(2) of ccs (pension) rules are admissible to him]

    What if "benifits under rule 26(2) of ccs (pension) rules are admissible to him" has not been written in...
  9. temprary/quasi permanent status/permnent status C.G Employee -defination

    i was appointed as LDC. In the offer of appointment it was written that i will on probation for 2 years which may be increased by the appointing authority. But i served in the department for four...
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    sinha audit Sir The thing is this that each time...

    sinha audit Sir
    The thing is this that each time i got no objection certificate for appearing in examination and left the prevous post in public interest to attain higher pay and performing greater...
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    transfer t.a.

    I served an an LDC for four years in Ministry of Water Resource thereafter resigned technically and joined as Tax-Assistant in Income Tax Department where I again served for a year thereafter I again...
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