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  1. head quarter leaving permission proceeding on holidays


    1. i would like to know rule regarding permission required for leaving headquarter during holidays(sat & sun).
    2. is it mandatory to take permission to leave headquarter during holidays ,...
  2. what are the advantage and disadvantage of lien period

    1. my lien period has been completed and i requested for extension of one more year lien ( my current posrt is not regularized due to pending of police verification report).

    2. but no...
  3. Replies

    who are dependent to govt servant

    dear sir,

    whether a child of widowed sister is dependent to govt servant or not.

    Email id ; [email protected]
  4. thank you shri victor, i already given no of...

    thank you shri victor,

    i already given no of application /letter to my department along with " pension portal FAQ 9 and copy of Ministry of personnel, public grievances and pension, Department of...
  5. What is the benefit of counting- past service


    I joined Defence Research and Development Organization DRDO, Ministry of Defence as Scientist B Group A Direct Recruitment post on 09.04.2009, after getting relieved...
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