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  1. pay fixation-reg.


    This is true, that Pension and Fixation of pay are two separate issues and should not be mixed. I have represnted my case to Administration and told that in every gov. organisation that...
  2. pay fixation-reg.

    Sir, This portal gives information regarding old pension scheme. Kindly, provide any circular or Office Memo. of pay fixation of 8000 (pre revised) according sixth pay Commission. Directorate of...
  3. pay fixation-reg.


    May I get the concerned Circular or Office Memo. regarding pay fixation and old pension scheme on above said subject? Is there any, Swamy publications issue on this or some references?
  4. pay fixation


    Before joining the KVIC, I was permanent employee in my parent department (A Statutory Body working under Govt. of India created by an Act of Parliament, 1963), worked there from April 2002...
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