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  1. Second mortgage on home loan - clarification - reg.


    i have been sanctioned HBA for house construction and subsequently i have also applied for second mortgage with HDFC to meet out the balance amount with the permission of head of the dept. ...
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    it is ok. With regard to Reimbu. of CEA, the 25%...

    it is ok. With regard to Reimbu. of CEA, the 25% hike is with effect from 01.01.2011, if so, the total reimbursement of CEA for the academic year 2010-11 will be Rs.13250/- instead of Rs.12,000/-.
  3. Regarding ex-servicemen pension liable for tax


    i am looking after the income seat of our office, epfo, sro, salem. In my office, more than 15 ex-servicemen are working at various cadre levels. My question is that the pension drawing by...
  4. sir, please confirm onceagain that the accrual...

    sir, please confirm onceagain that the accrual interest canbe shown apart from 1 lakhs savings under section 80c.
  5. Income tax exemption for having availed house building advance


    i have availed house building advance in the year of 2004 and recovery of principal amount is being deducted from march, 2008 onwards. My question is whether the accrual interest for having...
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