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  1. Merit cum seniority list vs. stepping up of pay

    Recently, pay of one officer (DR, SSC) "A" who is senior in the merit and seniority list has been allowed pay parity with his immediate junior "B" by way of stepping up of pay equal to that of his...
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    Difference between NFG & NFSG

    In various pay matters two nomenclatures come into play. Can anyone give his expert opinion on these two terms NFG and NFSG with proper citations?
  3. Refusal of Medical reimbursement under M A Rules

    I have been refused reimbursement of Medical expenses incurred by me on my mother who was suffering from cancer. My mother stayed at Patna & I am posted in NE Region, she was dependent on me,the...
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    Deductions from salary for excess payments

    I seek the advise of all whether there is any O.M. regarding soft deductions from salary on a/c. of excess payment by the Govt. (Central)for quite sometime although the staff members are not...
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    Retrospective recasting of Seniority

    Can any body give some instances of Court/Tribunal cases where seniority was ordered for recast.and Govt. actions thereof. Pl. give emphasis on Hon'ble Supreme Court cases.
  6. Withholding of increments of Inspectors of Central Excise

    As per departmental exam rule Inspector promoted from lower grades have to pass a departmental exam within 2 yrs. of appointment in full. Some Inspectors appointed in 2003 could not pass the exam in...
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