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  1. nayakccw
    Respected Sir,
    I have posted the following query in the general forum but have not received any response.Pl help me by replying the same at your earliest .
    "Can some body provide me a link that contains govt.guidelines as to how conveyance charges for transport of personal conveyance(Car) is to be regulated if the vehicle is transported under its own propulsion when both places are connected by rail(From Jammu to Guwahati)?For settlement I have submitted rates issued by Railway dept.which is around Rs.30000/- for transporting a car "loaded in a 8 wheeler wagon attached to one mail/express train from Jammu to Guwahati" but our Head Clerk says this is mail/express train rate but I am allowed passenger train rate(not mail/express rate).While referring the case to Rail says that no passenger train runs for more than 500km.Since Jammu to GHY is 2370km and no passenger train runs between two,only mail/express train rate has been given.Moreover,irrespective of the category of train runs,cars can not be booked in the parcel or luggage van of the train as in the case of motorcycle and in any case cars can only be booked and loaded to separate wagon which shall be attached extra to the train.Hence there is no separate rate for mail/express and passenger train.However,railway is agreed to give simple passenger train parcel rate which is very low and seems not logically correct to enforce in my case but our Head Clerk is forcing this passenger train parcel rate on Quintal basis which comes only less than Rs4000/-.Please guide me by providing suitable link of Railway rate/circular or any other govt orders to avoid the loss.The case is pending for more than one and half year hence pl.quick.Thanking all you,"
    nayakccw([email protected])
  2. abbaraju venkata apparao
    Hello Sir, would you please inform me from where the correct calculation of arrears for the grade pay enhanced from Rs.4200/- to Rs.4600/-(merger) is available.

    yours sincerely,
  3. abbaraju venkata apparao
    Sir, one of the Group'D' official in our office was appointed on 10.2.1992. He got 1st ACP in old ACP Scheme on 10.02.2004(after completion of 12 yrs.). Now, he is given 1st MACP w.e.f.01.09.2008 onwards by our office. Till now, he did get any promotion. We are in the opinion that he is entitled for only 2nd MACP w.e.f.10.2.2010 instead of offering 1st MACP we.f.01.09.2008 by our office, since he will be completed his 20 years of service on 09.02.2010. You are requested to kindly clarify whether he has to get 2nd MACP w.e.f.10.2.2010 alongwith 1st MACP w.e.f.01.09.2008.
  4. abbaraju venkata apparao
    Thank you very much for your kind reply,Sir..
  5. abbaraju venkata apparao
    Sir, I have drawn children education allowance of Rs.18240/- pertaining to 2008-2009 in June, 2009, also drawn CEA of Rs.12,000/- for the period 6/09 to 11/09 in the month of Nov.,2009. Here my doubt is, while submitting I.T Returs for 2009-2010, can I mention under savings - Tution fee - Whole amount Rs.30,240/-(18240+12000) since tution fee of Rs.18240/- pertains to 2008-2009, though it is drawn in June,2009... Kindly clarify.
  6. abbaraju venkata apparao
    Thank you sir, for your prompt reply....
  7. abbaraju venkata apparao
    Sir, I am woking in the central government department.Actually, i have joined in the department on 14.4.1998. I got 1st ACP on 14.4.2000. Later, I was offered promotion on 20.3.2004 but i refused it. Now, I got 2nd MACP from 14.4.2009 onwards. In this connection, it is requested to clarify whether i have to get my 2nd MACP from 1.9.2008 since i have completed 20 years of service on 13.4.2008.
  8. meetmala
    Thanks for your kind reply, sir. Do u mean to say that I will get two advance increments after 21.4.2001(First ACP) and I will continue to get two increments in 6 PC also? Thanks in advance. Regards, meetmala.
  9. meetmala
    Dear Friend,

    I am working in a Central Government Educational Institution (University) from November 1988. I joined as Steno-Typist when the Institute was governed by Tamil Nadu Government Rules and Regulations. From 1.4.1989 we switched over to Central Government Rules and Regulations and my designation was Stenographer Gr.III in the scale of pay of Rs.1200-30-.. As per FR 27, I was drawing two advance increments (Rs.30 + Rs.30 = 60/-), which carried no allowances, for acquiring Higher Grade in Shorthand. I got my first ACP on 21.4.2008 on completion of 12 years of service. My scale of pay on award of ACP was Rs.5000-100-... I was drawing two advance increments of Rs.100 + Rs.100 = 200 (which carries no allowances) for higher grade in Shorthand. I have completed 21 years of service in November 2009 without any regular promotion. On implentation of 6 PC, my office did not allow two advance increments stating that there is no OM of Govt. in this regard and I did not receive advance increment corresponding to Rs.200/- in 6PC.

    Now as per the OM No. 18144188-Estt.(Pay) I dated 7th December 2009, I am eligible for two advance increments which will be considered as pay for all purposes.

    I would like to recieve clarification from you on the following :

    1. Will I be eligible to get D.A. for Rs.60/- for the period from 1.4.89 (IV Pay Commission) and D.A. for Rs.200/- (V Pay Commission)?

    2. As I was awarded ACP on completion of 12 years of service the personnel in Establishment Section state that I will not be eligible to get two advance increments under 6 PC as I have been granted I ACP from 21.4.2001.

    Kindly clarify me if the Stenographers do not get advance increments for Stenography after the award of Assured Career Progression Scheme. Kindly clarify and send me you reply mail to [email protected]. I await your early reply in this regard.


  10. dha
    Thanks again for your elaborative reply. As you are now well conversant with my case, I just want to to continue reply/replies to be recived from you at this juncture rather than getting muddled in replies galore. Two doubts/difficulties I still confront with :
    a) I am not getting access to New Thread though I have registered myself.
    b) As per my Department's Recruitment Regulations, the posts for Inspector cadre comprises-- 50% to be filled by open exam, 25% by deptl. exam and the remaining 25% by giving promotion on seneiority basis. In such a situation, any incumbent who passes deptl. exam should get weightage over than that of simply seneiority promotion for very obvious reason and should be treated alike direct appointees. In our gradation list, I have been shown as Appointee. I await your views/reply.
    with high regards
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