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  1. Anitha Nair
    Dear Sri Fernandez,
    There are some Officials in my Office who have joined in Gr.D cadre and after availing 2 ACPs under the old scheme, have been subsequently promoted to Gr.C post ( in Gr.Pay of 1900 as per 6PC). Now after implementation of MACPs, they have also been granted 3rd MACPs from 1/9/2008 and granted Gr.Pay of Rs.2400. Their Pay fixation after MACPs has been done at 2 stages of 2000 & 2400 respectively. However, the Gr.D Officials who have joined service along with the above officials, (but who have not been promoted to any Gr.C post) and were also granted 3rd MACPs from 1.9.2008 in Gr.Pay of Rs.2400 are drawing more pay than the above Officials, as their pay has been fixed at 3 successive stages of Rs.1900, 2000 & 2400, respectively. Kindly clarify how the above anomaly has to be set right ?

    Anitha Nair
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