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  1. jitendraacr
    Dear friend
    Whether your past service will be counted for pensionary benefits under ESI? If yes, all EL at your credit will be encashed directly to you. For this, ESI Corporation will ask Textile Ministry to forward your proportionate pensionary benefits to ESI for counting of your past service. After that, payment related to your gratuity/pension will be made by the ministry to ESI and leave encashment will be paid to you. In case, there is no provision of counting of past service in ESI, you will be entitled for encashment of Half of EL at your credit for which you have to write directly to your department.
  2. bawa1980
    Dear sir, I have joined ESI Corporration as Inspector after tendering technical resignation from textiles ministry. My leave is not being carried forward by the corporation due to some difference in leave rules. Please guide me how can i get my leave carrried forward or get encashment of my leave as i am having more than four months of EL in my account. I shall be grateful for your kind advise and guidance in the matter.
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