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  1. ramanrao60
    dear sh venkatam sir
    i have noticed that you have vast interest knowledge and experience when it come to subjects like acp,macp,ltc etc
    how ever one case of pension needs your study and comment
    x working in 1640 scale after 12 years of service in central govt is permanently absorbed in a central autonomous body in 1988
    he is sanctioned pension of rs 375 pm pro rata. his pay was 1760*12/33*.05.hence minimum pension was sanctioned
    he commuted this pension 100 % in 1990
    after 15 years in 2005 the pension was restored rs 425 which is 1/3 of 1275 the revised minimum pension as per V cpc and dp of rs 638
    what is the effect of VI cpc orders on his entitlements?
    do spare some time and effort to clarify
  2. ramanrao60
    many many thanks for prompt reply
  3. tvenkatam
    Dear Mr. Rao,

    In this case the person had already earned two promotions between 1988 and 1997 and is placed in the scale of 12000 corresponding to the grade pay of 7600 in PB-3. Having completed more than 10 years of regular service in the grade of 12000/7600 as on the date of inception of MACP Scheme, the person is eligible for upgradation to grade pay of 8700 in PB-4 (37400-67000) w.e.f.01.09.2008 subject to fulfillment of ‘fitness’/bench mark of ‘very good’.
  4. ramanrao60
    pl accept my greetings first of all
    i notice that you have keen interest in acp and related matters
    i need your guidance in one case
    person joined in 6500 scale as aao in jun 1988 and promoted to ao in 8000 scale in jul 1992 (1st promotion)
    then in 1997 he got his second promotion from 10000 scale to 12000 scale(2nd promotion)
    in 1995 the institute restructured pay scales of all employees and his 8000 scale was restructured as 10000 and this was done commonly as a policy decision

    now the organisation had acp scheme under which upgradation was due after 12years to 14300 scale wef jul 2009 which is kept in abeyance due to scpc

    pl clarify if the employee entitled to macp after 10yrs (ie jul 2007 but) from 1-09-2008 the date of issue of macp orders
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