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    With warm wishes!

    I worked central organization in the scale of 9300-34800 (5th pay commission scale 5000-8000) from 1 January 2001 to 12 March 2007 through direct recruitment. (6 years 2 months service)

    While working with the above institute I applied for the same post, same pay scale as mentioned above in one of the central university through proper channel.

    I got selected and I applied for lien. But my old employer did not sanction lien and asked me to submit technical resignation.

    I tendered technical resignation. They relieved me on 12.3.2007.

    I joined new central University on 14.3.07 and still working there. Will my previous service in central department is calculated for MACPS in new organization as I already completed above 12 of service without any promotion. Please reply me soon.


    Sachin Hadke
    [email protected]
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