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  1. ramanrao60
    thank you very much narayananji for sparing time to write to me.
    i shall do as advised
  2. narayanan
    Dear Shri Raoji,

    Pension related matters not much familiar to me and therefore, I am sorry to express my inability to answer query. As suggested by Shri Jitendraji, please contact Shri V Natarajan Sir

    With regards,

  3. ramanrao60
    I was, on permanent absorption in central autonomous body transferred to pension establishment-was drawing 1760 pay in 1640-2900 scale-which was upgraded to 2000-later initially sanctioned min pension 375 and revised to 1275-commuted 100%-restored 425 pm(1/3) after 15 yrs-what’s my entitlement now?
    Please help
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