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  1. ramanrao60
    thank you very much jitendraji for sparing time to write to me.
    i shall do as advised
  2. jitendraacr
    Sorry friend
    the pension rules are my weakest point and thus unable to reply you. It will be better to post your query to main forum or send a message to Shri V Natrajan who is expert in such matters. Sorry again.
    with regards
  3. ramanrao60
    i was permantly absorbed in central autonomous body wef jun 1988 and transferd to pension estt-was drawing 1760 pay in 1640-2900 scale-which was upgraded to 2000-later intially sanctioned min pension 375 and revised to 1275-commuted 100%-restored 425 pm(1/3) after 15 yrs-whts my entitlemnt now?
    plz help
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