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  1. ksrmurthy48
    Dear Ramdas,
    Sorry that I am replying so late.The activities are taken over by Sri Mallikarjun and have formed DeSPA,association for defence Scientists at Hyderabad informing all other Scientists located in India .He is in touch with all of you and now, we are forwarding the letter to Anomaly Commitee for reddressal.Thank you for the support and advice.
  2. G.Ramdas
    The representation from DRO is well drafted.However, I would like to point out that the crux of the issue, is the distortion of the Govt. decision on acceptance of Pay Commission's recommendation,which has been notified in the Gazette of 29th August 08, and thro' O.m of 30/08/08, by subsequent clarifications by DP&PW on 3/10 &14/10/08.These clarifications changed"corresponding to the pre-revised scale-" to "irrespective of the pre-revised pay scale" and ' minimum of the pay in the pay band 'to 'minimum of pay band'
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