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  1. narayanan
    I hv seen your message today. I will be sending you the OA no. soon.
  2. BUMBA
    "I have joined in the Cen.Ex Deptt. on 28.1.2000 on the basis of a CAT order and subsequently on the basis of another CAT order I have been given a notional date of appointemnt i.e. 9.2.96 on the basis of the actual date of appointemnt of the person whose rank number was just below me "

    Respected Sir,
    The above quoted lines is quite same to me. I have joined the DOP on 29.5.2004 on the basis of a CAT order while my counterparts of same vacancy joined on 01.08.2000. But till date I don't get the Notional date of joining and Seniority. However in the Gradation list, I've been placed at a higher place without any Service (pay & Pension) Benefits.

    Therefore, I request you Kindly forward me a photocopy /scaned copy of your CAT order to my e-mail id (if possible) or atleast intimate your CAT (OA/MA) number to me it will be helpful to get back my seniority in the Dept. And I shall be highly obliged if you kindly do the same at your earliest.

    Kindly help......

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