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  1. PRD Fernandez
    Dear Sir,
    I have posted the following issue in the Discussion Board on 17th of July and subsequent issue posted by another member on 2nd and 3re MACP on 29th July is seems to be similar. In this regard your views based up on your departmental cases gives hope to receive 5400 GP in the 3rd MACP for the incumbent. So I am mailing my case to your perusal and need your interpretation Please.

    One of my officers, entered in the Government Service in the pay scale of 330-560 in the year 1973 and he was promoted to the pay scales of 5000-150, 5500-175, 6500-10500 in the years of 1989,1996 & 2004 respectively. As per 6th Pay commission his Scale was fixed in the Grade Pay of 4600 from 01.01.2006.

    As the MACP Scheme of May 19, 2009 envisages, ignoring the promotions earned in those grade pay (Pre Revised 5000 & 5500) which now carry the same grade pay (4200) due to merger of pay scales recommended by the 6th CPC, What would be his Grade Pay if MACP is taken in to consideration?

    I request G-connectors to fix the scale under MACP. Pls

  2. PRD Fernandez
    Dear Sir
    I am very much interested in following the interpretation and views of Senior Members like you, which would be good orientation to fresh members like me.
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