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    Resp. Sir,

    Kindly Guide for Pay Fixation with Orders/Circulars/Memorandums in Two Cases Below:

    Case One
    Date of Joining - 01/08/1996
    7th Pay - 72100 as on 1/1/2016
    Pay as on 31/7/2016 - 24090-4800
    Second Up-gradation (MACP) from 01/08/2016 - GP 5400 (Non-Gazetted)

    Case Two
    Date of Joining - 01/10/1996
    Pay as on 30/9/2016 - 18810-4600
    Second Up-gradation (MACP) from 01/10/2016 - GP 4800

    What will be the Fixation on Second Up-gradation under Seventh Pay Commission?

    Thank You,
    Deepak D.
  2. deep72

    Following are my Scales and Grade Pays allotted to me by my Department

    Date of Appointment :- 01.08.1996

    In Pay Scale of :- Rs. 2000-60-2300-EB-75-3200 (IVth Pay Commission)

    Revised to :- 6500-200-10500 (Vth Pay Commission)

    Pay Band and Grade Pay as on 01.01.2006 :- PB-2 Rs. 9300-34800, GP - Rs. 4600

    (With respect to 6500-200-10500 scale in 5th Pay Commission)

    Grant of 1st ACPS on 01.08.2008 as :- PB-2 Rs. 9300-34800, GP - Rs. 4600

    (With respect to 7450-225-xxxxx scale in 5th Pay Commission and the scale to which i am eligible under ACP as i dont possess a requisite qualification for scale Rs. 7500-250-xxxxx scale)


    i have not been given any increment or higher grade pay as MACP is effective from 01.09.2008. There no financial up-gradation in my scale with this ACP fixation.

    I can provide any additional information....

    What should i do? Is it ok what my department has done?

    Can i make any representations? if yes kindly state the circular nos.

    Thank you
  3. deep72
    Kindly reply my query on post "Kindly Help regarding MACP benifits to me..."

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