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    1 .I am a class one gazetteofficer of Indian air force posted at Hyderabad.
    2. I had booked accdm for Udaipur holiday home online fordate 17 dec 11 to 20 dec 11.
    3. id request for booking is DD20117960 dtd 21 oct 11.
    4. I had sent dd for Rs 630 and application on 24thoct by speedpost no EN032943195IN which was delivered at central registry of nirmaan bhawan on 28thoctas per depptt of post.
    5. subsequently since the website was still showing theapplication not received till 03 nov, I had faxed the details on the no01123062816.
    7. as I understand the priority of the booking reduces on expiryof 10 days and becomes invalid after 20 days , it requested that I may pleasebe informed of the next step I need to undertake.
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