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  1. narayanan
    Dear mahonji,

    please refer to your query. Since your pay is Rs 20280/- (16080+4200) immediately before promotion, the notional increment @3% is Rs.608.40, ie. Rs.610. Then your pay in the new pay band will be Rs.16080+610= 16690 (which is above the minimum of Rs.15600). Therefore, your total pay on promotion will be Rs.16690+6600=23290.

    I do not think any other possibilities are available for a revised option for continuation in V PC pay structure for a promotion beyond the date of notification of revised pay rules.



  2. mohangautamkrishna
    Sir, I am a civilian central Govt employee with Min of Defence, In Apr 2009, I was promoted from a post in PB2 with Gr pay of Rs 4200/- to a post in PB3 with a Gr pay of Rs 6600/-.My basic pay in lower post was Rs 16080 + Gr Pay Rs 4200/-. (Promotion involves change in gr pay & change in Pay band) . Kindly help me in fixation of my pay in promoted post, Thanking you Sir, Mohan
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