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  1. svsankar
    As per extant orders advance increments granted to stenographers for acquiring speed in stenography shall be treated as pay for all purposes. That is the advance increments which were treated as personal pay for all purposes shall now be treated as pay for all purposes.
    i.e., from the date from which you were granted the advance increments, you will get DA, HRA and all others which you will get on your Basic Pay. Then on you first promotion/ACP whichever may ensue these advance increments shall be added to your pay and your pay refixed. The advance increments would have then become part of your Basic Pay and will not be shown separately.
  2. meetmala
    Thanks for your kind reply, sir. Do u mean to say that I will get two advance increments after 21.4.2001(First ACP) and I will continue to get two increments in 6 PC also? Thanks in advance. Regards, meetmala.
  3. svsankar
    yes advance increments to stenographers have been treated as pay for all purposes vide om dated 07-12-2009. If it is pay it carries DA, HRA and will count as pay for purpose of promotion/ACP etc.
  4. meetmala
    Dear Friend,

    I am working in a Central Government Educational Institution (University) from November 1988. I joined as Steno-Typist when the Institute was governed by Tamil Nadu Government Rules and Regulations. From 1.4.1989 we switched over to Central Government Rules and Regulations and my designation was Stenographer Gr.III in the scale of pay of Rs.1200-30-.. As per FR 27, I was drawing two advance increments (Rs.30 + Rs.30 = 60/-), which carried no allowances, for acquiring Higher Grade in Shorthand. I got my first ACP on 21.4.2008 on completion of 12 years of service. My scale of pay on award of ACP was Rs.5000-100-... I was drawing two advance increments of Rs.100 + Rs.100 = 200 (which carries no allowances) for higher grade in Shorthand. I have completed 21 years of service in November 2009 without any regular promotion. On implentation of 6 PC, my office did not allow two advance increments stating that there is no OM of Govt. in this regard and I did not receive advance increment corresponding to Rs.200/- in 6PC.

    Now as per the OM No. 18144188-Estt.(Pay) I dated 7th December 2009, I am eligible for two advance increments which will be considered as pay for all purposes.

    I would like to recieve clarification from you on the following :

    1. Will I be eligible to get D.A. for Rs.60/- for the period from 1.4.89 (IV Pay Commission) and D.A. for Rs.200/- (V Pay Commission)?

    2. As I was awarded ACP on completion of 12 years of service the personnel in Establishment Section state that I will not be eligible to get two advance increments under 6 PC as I have been granted I ACP from 21.4.2001.

    Kindly clarify me if the Stenographers do not get advance increments for Stenography after the award of Assured Career Progression Scheme. Kindly clarify and send me you reply mail to I await your early reply in this regard.


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