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  1. artvijayan
    Dear Sir
    Thank you very much for your couteous and humorous,but factual reply.
  2. jitendraacr
    Dear friend
    very first thing my friend that income limit for dependency has now been raised as 3500+DA(27%). The other thing though unfortunate is a fact. Whenever there will be a rule, there will be some conditions. Govt thinks that this income is sufficient for one's survival and thus gave this limit. We should not forget that this is the minimum pension which one can get and that's why this limit is imposed.
  3. artvijayan
    Our parents who are responsible for our birth are not included in the defenition of a Govt. Servant's "family" in case their income is exceeding Rs.1500 per month from all sorces. But a businessman or a gulf return fellow paying income tax individually or having fixed assets can be fully dependant on his wife , if she is working even as a peon in a Govt. Office.Is this justified or is there any condition against this situation. Kindly explore your ideas.
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