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  1. benedict

    Thank you very much for your advice.

  2. sinha_audit
    MTS are not assigned cleaning of floors, toilets, sweeping premises and the like. Dusting / cleaning / wiping of Office tables, chairs, computers, file racks and the like-wise works are alloted besides photo-copying, faxing etc. If you are sure that the present assignment was not a part of conditions at recruitment, you may advise your friend to represent. As a practice too, hard core cleaning jobs are outsourced now a days.
  3. benedict
    One of my friends was working as Group D peon before 1-1-2006. After the implementation of the 6th Pay Revision he was redesignated as MTS. Now the office authorities has asked him to do the work of cleaning Office including toilets. This work was assigned to Safaiwalas before 1-1-2006. Is he bound to do such work which was not contemplated while he was recruited. Please reply

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