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  1. jitendraacr
    Dear friend
    Thanks for your response. Due to time constraint, I am unable to visit the forum on regular basis. This is the reason that I have to kept myself away from this forum. But I would like to mention here honestly that whenever I got time, I used to read your various replies as a visitor. Hope I could in touch with you.
  2. Victor
    Dear Jitendra

    Thank you for your comments, although I don't know whether I deserve these. I wish I could contribute more on this forum. When I first saw this forum there were a few members who inspired me to join this forum, one of which was you. I missed you a lot when you left and also others like Venkatam. When I saw your first post after you joined back, I was extremely happy. I hope you will continue to contribute in the time to come.

  3. jitendraacr
    Dear victor
    I was a regular member to the forum in its early days but could not continue due to some reasons. I return to forum after a long gap and read some of your messages. I found them precise and up to the mark. Definitely only a good study can bring such a maturity. Members like you are the soul of this forum. I wish that you would remain active forever.
    with best regards
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