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    I joined Government of India Ministry in Dec. 1988 in the pay scale of 1400-2300 and worked there upto Nov.1993. During this period a post in the pay scale of 1600-2660 was advertised in the same ministry but different department. I applied as Departmental candidate (my application forwarded through proper channel) and got selected. I thereafter joined this post in the pay scale of 1600-2660 in nov 1993 after the technical resignation tendered by me got accepted.
    I also wishes to state that my service book & other service records were also forwarded to new department. In the current seniority list my date of joining govt service has been stated as Dec.,1988. Thereafter I got only one promotion. I had already got. 1st MACP.

    As I had already completed 20. Years of Regular Service (2012-1988=24) am I eligible to get 2nd MACP. Please advise
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