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    Sir,Namaste.I want one clarification. X got 3rd MACP in Nov-15in PB-2 GP-5400,his pay fixed on that date.Later in March-16 X got promotion to PB-3,GP5400.Here his can not be fixed as he already got MACP only benefit if any in pay can be given as per MACP rule. In 7 th CPC his pay fixed basing on the pay of 31.12.15 in level-9,for promotion in March his pay setted in Level-10 by giving corresponding pay of level-9.As usual annual increment given in july-16.I hope it is according to rule only.BUT LOCAL PAO IS NOT ACCEPTING THIS.As per MACP rule Gp5400 in PB-2 is different and PB-3 is different.What is benefit for Group-B to Group-A promotion.What is the correct procedure here.please send the mail to my mail Id:[email protected] you
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