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  1. jyotip
    Dear Aneesh
    Please expedite and provide the required circulars applicable for autonomous bodies
    Thanks & regards
  2. jyotip
    Please send me the required circulars at the earliest
  3. jyotip
    Dear Aneesh sir,
    Good morning from the forum details i came to know that you can provide the circulars relating to New Defined Contribution pension schme please provide the following circulars. Our organisation being autonomous body the work is held up
    for want of those circulars:
    1) 1(13)/EV/2008 dated 8.11.2008
    2) 1(13)/EV/2008 dated 28.11.2008
    3) 1(13)/EV/2008 dated 30.1.2009
    Thanking you.
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