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  1. jitendraacr
    Dear Shri Dutta
    Pl let me know the following:
    i) whether scheme of grant of non functional pay scale of Rs.8000-13500/- on completion of four years service was in vogue in your department.
    If answer is Yes, then you must have been fixed in 8000 scale prior to 1/1/06. Accordingly, your pay will be fixed on 1/1/06 with GP of Rs.5400/-. If it is NO, then it is necessary to intimate from when this NFS has been introduced in your department.
    ii) If we left the NFS case, your pay will be fixed by granting one increment in GP of Rs.5400/- under MACPS w.e.f. 1/9/08. If your pay has already been fixed in the pay scale of Rs.8000-13500/- or in GP 5400/- prior to 1/9/08, MACPS will not be effective.
    with regards
  2. N.C.Dutta
    Dear Mr Jitendra,
    Would you please guide me in fixing pay with non-functional pay grade of RS5400/-.I was getting maximum of 7500-12000 on 1-1-2006.Further I have been considered for MACP with upgradation of grade pay from 4800 to 5400/- with effect from 1/9/2008. Will it be effective or there will be any change or MACP will be withdrawn and NF 5400/- will be made effective from 1-1-2006.Or otherwise.

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