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    Dear Administrator, i would like to know that if i am residing in Delhi and working for Central Govt. and would like to book a Cental Govt. Holiday Home suppose OOTY. so whether i have to send my application and DD to DOE DELHI or i can Send my request to DOE CHEENAI or DOE Calcutta . why i am asking this question is because there are limited no of Rooms at holiday homes and suppose there are 20 rooms avalable in OOTY and 7 are to be booked by DOE Delhi and DOE Chhenai is having 10 rooms and Calcutta is having 3 Rooms. so insted of sending my request to DOE Delhi can i send it to DOE Cheenai. please reply ASAP as i am planning to take my LTC for vacations.eagerly waiting for your reply, Regards Atul.
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