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  1. sinha_audit
    Dear Raj Sahab,
    I apologise for the inordinate delay in reply. My little daughter was unwell (now ok) and as you might also have noticed, I have logged in to the forum after a large gap of time. Patna-Delhi-Ahmedabad is standard shortest route by AI. Advance may be taken 4 months hence in cases of travel by train, provided journey tickets have to be submitted within 10 days of drawal of advance. Rules are silent about time gap between advance and air journey. You may apply for advance after procuring air tickets, if there is any objection with your ADMN people.

    I believe the late response vitiated the purpose of your question. I am sorry for that. Yours was a simple query.
  2. rajshrivas
    Dear Sinhaji,
    From your profile , I am sure you are competent in service matters as well as very cooperative with employees concerns. I am also a CGE with GP 5400/- and needs your help in availing All India LTC. Please give your opinion on following points:I plan to avail All India LTC for a visit to Dwarka from Patna.
    1. As there is no flight between Patna to Dwarka, can I go to Ahemdabad via Delhi and then from Ahmedabad to Dwarka by train?
    2 Or, is it possible to go Mumbai via Delhi by air then Jamnagar from Mumbai by air and then Dwarka by train from Jamnagar?
    3. Can I get LTC advance for booking tickets four months in advance ?
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