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  1. mohangautamkrishna
    Dear Aneesh, Thank you very much for your information regarding option date, regards, Mohan
  2. aneesh
    Dear Sir
    Your fixation as on the date of promotion will be Band Pay Rs.16080 plus Grade Pay Rs.6600/- in case you opt for your pay fixation from the date of next increment which is advantageous. Further you will get two increments on 1.7.2009 One normal increment on BP + GP of Rs.16080 + 4200 (3%) one additional increment of 3 % on account of promotion with revised Grade Pay of Rs.6600. You will not get the minimum of Rs.25350 as applicable for direct recruits corresponding to GP 6600 as yours is a promotion.
  3. mohangautamkrishna
    Sir, I am a civilian central Govt employee with Min of Defence, In Apr 2009, I was promoted from a post in PB2 with Gr pay of Rs 4200/- to a post in PB3 with a Gr pay of Rs 6600/-.My basic pay in lower post was Rs 16080 + Gr Pay Rs 4200/-. (Promotion involves change in gr pay & change in Pay band) . Kindly help me in fixation of my pay in promoted post, Thanking you Sir, Mohan
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