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    Dear Sir,
    Can you please provide me a link that contains govt.guidelines as to how conveyance charges for transport of personal conveyance(Car) is to be regulated if the vehicle is transported under its own propulsion when both places are connected by rail(From Jammu to Guwahati)?For settlement I have submitted rates issued by Railway dept.which is around Rs.30000/- for transporting a car "loaded in a 8 wheeler wagon attached to one mail/express train from Jammu to Guwahati" but our Head Clerk says this is mail/express train rate but I am allowed passenger train rate(not mail/express rate).While referring the case to Rail says that no passenger train runs for more than 500km.Since Jammu to GHY is 2370km and no passenger train runs between two,only mail/express train rate has been given.Moreover,irrespective of the category of train runs,cars can not be booked in the parcel or luggage van of the train as in the case of motorcycle and in any case cars can only be booked and loaded to separate wagon which shall be attached extra to the train.Hence there is no separate rate for mail/express and passenger train.However,railway is agreed to give simple passenger train parcel rate which is very low and seems not logically correct to enforce in my case but our Head Clerk is forcing this passenger train parcel rate on Quintal basis which comes only less than Rs4000/-.Please guide me by providing suitable link of Railway rate/circular or any other govt orders to avoid the loss.The case is pending for more than one and half year hence pl.quick.Thanking you,

    This has been put on general forum but no specific clarification has been received so far.
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    My queries are related to special LTC to NE Region as follows:-
    1)Can an official who has already availed "anywhere in India LTC" during the block year 2006-09 by converting his "2006-07 hometown" LTC avail Special LTC to NE Region by converting his 2nd set of home town LTC of 2008-09.
    2)Can an official already posted in NE Region say at Itanagar can avail this special LTC to a place within NE region say Gangtok or Agartala in the above condition.The official is from outside NE Region.
    3)What shall happen if the official is the native himself from within the NE region but his present place of posting is not his home town.
    4)Can an official avail an all India LTC by converting his 1st set of home town LTC ang again to Spl LTC by converting the 2nd set of home town LTC.
    Thanking you,
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