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  1. Anadi Sharma
    Dear Sir

    I find that you have replied to queries of number of members at Gconnect. With this hope, may I ask you a query about myself.
    I am a Grade C steno in MHA cadre and was promoted from Grade D to Grade C by passing Ltd. Departmental Exam 2006 in April,2008. My department fixed my pay in Rs. 6500/ into revised scale of Rs. 12090 + GP 4200. But now as per audit objection, it should be 9300 + 4200 as I was promoted in April, 2008 (after 1.1.2006). Now my deptt says that either you lose your arrears and get pay fixed in 12090/- or get arrears and fixed in 9300. Please let me know what option is left with me to avoid this financial loss which is hitting me too hard. Please help me out at your earliest.

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