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    Dear Victor Sir,
    One of our employees went through angioplasty in Sept-12.
    He started taking treatment from the AMA and the same was reimbursed to him.
    On enquiry with our headquarters, it was stated orally that the treatment over a period of 10 days from AMA can be reimbursed if a certificate from the AMA is obtained stating that this requires prolonged treatment. The same was obtained.
    Subsequently, an audit was conducted in our office where the audit team orally pointed out that a certificate may also be obtained from the CMO on the same lines of AMA to continue reimbursement to the official because the period was above 10 days.
    The certificate from CMO was obtained, where it is stated that these medicines will be required for a lifetime.The certificate is valid for one year from 16.03.2016.
    According to CSMA Rules, AMA cant prescribe for more than 10 days. After which he has to compulsorily refer the patient to a Govt hospital.
    Am confused sir. Please guide.
  2. iruku.srini
    Good Afternoon Mr. Victor,

    I am an LDC working in Central govt..
    I plan to avail LTC to J&K(Vaishnodevi) by converting one block of Hometwon (2014-15).
    My question is that as rail services have been started from Delhi/ various places to Vaishno devi, can flight be availed from Delhi/Amritsar to Jammu and onward journey by train to Vaishnodevi.
  3. iruku.srini
    Gud Afternoon Victorjee,

    I joined Central Govt service in the year 2005. (Nov. 2005)

    As per rules I become eligible for LTC after 1 year i.e. 2006.

    So, my eight years of calendar year LTC got over in 2013. (2006-2013) (8 years).

    The current LTC block available for availing is 2010-13 extended upto Dec.2014.
    & 2014 - 17.

    I had availed calendar year LTC under All India category in 2013.

    Am I eligible for 2010-2013 All India LTC ?

    Please help.
  4. iruku.srini

    An employee has submitted a medical claim where the AMA has advised him to use silicon insoles for alleviation of pain in the heels.

    Are silicon insoles reimbursable? If yes, is there any rule?

  5. iruku.srini
    Dear Victorjee,

    Good Afternoon.

    As per the old circular or the existing one, the limit of income from all known sources should not increase Rs.3500/- for declaration of one's parent as a dependant.

    Kindly update if the above limit has been enhanced to Rs. 5000 p.m.

    Also please clarify if the above limit is Rs.3500/- (exclusive or inclusive of DA, in the case of a Govt Servant/PSU etc.)

  6. iruku.srini
    Dear Shri Victor,

    I have been transferred from Mumbai to Raipur and want to claim transportation for household goods.
    My DDO says that the charges will be reimbursed subject to the railway freight rates, irrespective of how the goods have been transported.
    I have transported the goods by road.
    According to the circular dt 23.9.08, my eligibility is Rs.4.60 per km. The distance from Mumbai to Raipur is 1122 kms. which works out to Rs. 5161/-.

    According to the railway freight rates on the following link:

    The rates vary from 397.70 to 795.50 per tonne.

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