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  1. badri mannargudi
    Dear Sri narayanan,
    I provide some information about me herein below;-
    Mannargudi Native place, in Thiruvarur District.
    Age 52. Had joined CG service on 25.01.1982 as a (D.R) UDC in Income Tax Department in Tamilnadu. Availed myself of the age relaxation for the departmental candidates, appered for Inspectors Examination (Staff Selection Commission),in 1990 from Gujarat Zone (Knowledge in Hindi, next only to Zero and Knowledge in Gujarati :A big Zero at the material time.
    Onbeing appointed, joined C.Excise and Customs Department as an Inspector in 1992 April. Became a functional Superintendent only in Oct 2007.
    If you provide me some information about you, I would be happy.
    Yours sincerely,
  2. narayanan
    Dear Badriji,

    Since I was not having the Rules readily available in my computer, I could not refer to the provisions. I was busy with some urgent office work. I have been just going through all the posts, but I could not contribute anything during the last two days.
    I am of the view that only differences and arguments contribute some thing. One more thing I have to say is- when we give complete solution to the members, he may not think. When they have to fight with the deptt. we may or may not in this forum. I think in the Mr. Vijayn's case, he can judge the things.

    I took every thing only good spirit. I realy appreciate your consideration given to me. I will soon give a comment.

    Further you may please refer to my views in 'Terrostic Attack'. I think we a need serious discussion on the issue for which the subject has to bring top of the menu (ie. at the top priority) so that attention all the members attracted. Further I think we can convert into a ' G Connect Parliament' and if we find the outcome is important we can send a copy of the minutes to the President of India. Yes I believe we all have sufficient capacity to do that. You please contact our senior member Shri Jitendra and know what is in mind.

    Thank you

  3. badri mannargudi
    Shri Narayanan,
    You are doing good service to our friends in the forum.
    My postings are made without any bias, you may have noticed. Don't feel offended if my reviews sound harsh. I have no ill feeling against any friend in the forum.
    My comments/Reviews are based on my understanding. I may be wrong. But, to prove that I am wrong u need to quote the authority.
    With best regards,
    Note This is purely a private message. )
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