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    Dear sir ,,happy new year,,,,my problem is just a unique problem,,,,pl help me with rule and authority on [email protected]
    With due respect, I have been selected through ssc 2003 batch and joined in Fund Cell, PCDA (WC) , Chandigarh on 09.03.2005 and left the department on 10.11.2008. I was selected as Inspector in Central Excise, Delhi through proper channel and joined in central excise on 11.11.2008. Later on, my juniors have been promoted as Sr. Auditor from 30.06.2009 vide order dated 17.07.2009 but this order has been amended vide dated 16.06.2010 under which all the auditors of SSC Batch -2003 were promoted from 01.04.2008. About my query, the department replied that you are not borne by the strength of this department on 17.7.09 & 16.06.10 and hence you were not promoted but i was on the strength on 01.04.2008 from which they promoted others.
    Hence my promotion as Sr. Auditor became due on 01.04.2008, Thanks
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