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19-09-2008, 08:33 AM
Will there be an end for the demand for start of PB-4? If Govt approves it, next time Major/Equiv would ask for it. I feel enough thinking has gone in Govt decision to place it in PB-3. Simultaneuosly, enough meaning is hidden in present plea to upgrade it to PB-4. It would result into lot of disparity and imbalance in other cadres. I think with existing perks/allowance given to the services, it should end here. MSP, free ration, canteen facility, special allowances like Paratroopers, MARCOS and so on, are already making them distinct class from their counterpart civilians.

19-09-2008, 09:12 AM
Mr Saxena

Dont be frustrated by the allowance given to armed forces. The working environment for armed forces is entirely different from that of civilian employees. Whatever u give that is not sufficient for them to work in a tight, hazardous, dangerous, separated from families, round the clock duties, endless waiting for leave, severe rules and regulations etc... Simply sitting in a office atmosphere from 1000 AM to 0500 PM and going to home every day and enjoying all holidays makes civilian employees not aware of difficulties faced by armed forces personnel. Don't forget that because of them, people like u are enjoying the great freedom and safety of Democracy in India. U better will understand the tension and difficulties only when a war situation arrises. And thank God and our Armed Forces for preventing such a situation.
An Armed force personnel

19-09-2008, 03:32 PM
I just want to know what to the Directors of GOI do? What is the responsibilty that they bear which is greater than Lt. Cols and equivalent in other wings of defence, take? The argument that defence people get MSP and other benefits like canteen facility exposes the mean mind of those who advance such arguments. Let all senior level civilian officers serve in defence atleast for two years to know what does life mean in Army!!

19-09-2008, 04:58 PM
I just fail to understand, having chosen the defence forces as career, why do people crib about hard life? What is the hard like that defence forces live at peace stations? The same logic a[pplies to border security forces and other para military forces.

27-02-2009, 05:13 PM
Dear All

I retired from a Deptt which does scientific field surveys - often in worst areas- much like army forward stations- but then alone with or without a driver plus few local coolies!I realised what is city life/ urban life only after 20 to 25 yrs of hard strenuous survey work. Sometimes we used to be helped by army people when the areas are of expedition type/ border areas/ insurgent activity areas etc.

I have fairly good knowledge about Military and Civil functions !

I think Civilians - first of all Bureaucrats must be made to slog in the field areas for at least three to four years before given the Babudom postings!

I fully agree with Mk 's posting earlier.

No comparisons!. Let them get what they deserve - and they do rightly deserve. After all many of them are shunted off before they can complete even 20 yrs and how they can live without adequate remunerations thru the rest of their lives?

Civil and Military must have confidence and trust, show respect and dignity, between them. Dont worry about expenses. (It is Economics and if u do research into it u will see how many skeletons come out!). I mean we have enough resources to pay the MILITARY in a dignified and satisfactory manner!